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DEAD EMOTIONS (To Be Published August 4, 2018)


Raina Worth is just like every other nineteen-year-old girl, except for the fact that she has no memories before waking up from a coma three years ago. After losing what family she has left in a fatal car accident, things finally appear to be looking up, that is until people start turning up dead and she becomes the number one suspect.

Raina is sent to one of the new Behavior Correction Centers. A hospital-like prison where patients are forced to learn from their actions or face the consequences. But Raina is realizing that isn’t the only thing going on there and if she doesn’t learn how to protect herself quickly, she won’t survive.

Raina knows her sister, Bexley, is responsible for the murders but nobody believes her. It’s hard to prove your sister is a murderer when she was pronounced dead over a year ago. Raina does everything she can to bring Bexley out into the open but proving her innocence might be more difficult than she thought, especially when even the doctors are hiding the truth.

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