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The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die | Spoiler Free Book Review

girl die

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4.5 stars



“Take her out back and finish her off.”

She doesn’t know who she is. She doesn’t know where she is, or why. All she knows when she comes to in a ransacked cabin is that there are two men arguing over whether or not to kill her.

And that she must run.

In her riveting style, April Henry crafts a nail-biting thriller involving murder, identity theft, and biological warfare. Follow Cady and Ty (her accidental savior turned companion), as they race against the clock to stay alive.



I read The Girl I Used to Be by April Henry and it was just alright. I expected this book to be about the same, but this one completely blew that one out of the water. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and I literally could not put it down until I finished the book. I honestly don’t think I’ve sat down and read a book start to finish at once in a really long time, if not ever.

Cady is easily one of my favorite female characters I’ve ever read. She has no memories, no idea where she is, or why she’s there and yet she still manages to kick the guy’s ass that tries to kill her. It does crack me up that her first instinct after escaping almost being killed is to go to McDonald’s. But I guess if you’re hungry enough, food is hard to get off the mind.

Ty is super lovable. I don’t really consider book characters as “crushes,” but if I did, Ty would definitely be one of them. Seriously, how many people will rescue a girl they just met, believe that she isn’t crazy, and bring her home so she has a place to sleep and food to eat. He barely even thinks twice about helping her even if it puts him in danger too.

The ending really threw me. While I hardly ever think of the plot twists before it happens, this one definitely caught me off guard. I never expected or had even the slightest inkling of where the story went, but I am glad that it went there. The only reason I didn’t give this book 5 stars is because of how easily the mystery was to solve for the characters. Every single thing they did led them closer, gave them clues on what was going on and how they could solve it.

The very ending, as in the last couple of chapters, was a little confusing. I felt like there was something missing. The story jumped from one thing to the next without any lead-up or explanation of what was going on. It’s difficult to explain without spoiling anything, but if you’ve read this you know exactly what I’m talking about.

In conclusion… 


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Where They Found Her | Book Review


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5 stars



At the end of a long winter, in bucolic Ridgedale, New Jersey, the body of an infant is discovered in the woods near the town’s prestigious university campus. No one knows who the baby is, or how her body ended up out there. But there is no shortage of opinions.

When freelance journalist, and recent Ridgedale transplant, Molly Anderson is unexpectedly called upon to cover the story for the Ridegdale Reader, it’s a risk, given the severe depression that followed the loss of her own baby. But the bigger threat comes when Molly unearths some of Ridgedale’s darkest secrets, including a string of unreported sexual assaults that goes back twenty years.

Meanwhile, Sandy, a high school dropout, searches for her volatile and now missing mother, and PTA president Barbara struggles to help her young son, who’s suddenly having disturbing outbursts.

Told from the perspectives of Molly, Barbara, and Sandy, Kimberly McCreight’s taut and profoundly moving novel unwinds the tangled truth about the baby’s death revealing that these three women have far more in common than they realized. And that their lives are more intertwined with what happened to the baby than they ever could have imagined.


 ⇐   MY THOUGHTS   ⇒

This book was so much more than I expected it to be. I have never read a mystery where there were so many characters and so many storylines and they all were just threaded together so seamlessly. Each character had a role to play and a connection to the main murder they were trying to solve. I can’t even tell you about the characters because there were so many and they all were so complex and unique.

The fact that the murder at the beginning of the book is not the main focus of the novel is very unique from what I’ve read recently. I can’t even explain it because there were so many storylines, but it wasn’t confusing at all, in fact, each storyline added something to the main arc of the book.

There is so much suspense in this novel I felt like I couldn’t breathe a few times. I cried, my heart raced, and I was not able to put it down. The thousands of plot twists that were in this book were each just as impactful as the last. Any little detail I give you could very well spoil you for the entire book. So, I won’t.

If you haven’t read this book, you don’t know what you’re missing. Please, please, please, read this book!


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A Touch of Magic – Book Chat

I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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3.5 stars

⇒    Synopsis    ⇐

After returning to the straight and narrow, Cary Westfield hopes to rebuild his life as a stage magician. Only thing is, the success of his new show is entirely dependent on a strange medallion inherited from his late grandfather—an amulet that holds a rare and inexplicable power to captivate the wearer’s audience.

Ty prides himself on his ability to obtain any item of magical significance—for the right price. When a mysterious client hires him to steal a magical amulet from a neophyte illusionist, he’s sure it will be a quick and easy job, earning him a nice chunk of cash.

As it turns out, nothing is sure when greed and powerful magic are at play. When a mob boss with far-reaching aspirations beats Ty to the snatch, Cary and Ty form an unlikely partnership to get the amulet back. The unexpected spark of attraction between them is a welcome perk, but each man has his own plan for the prize.

All bets are off, however, when it is revealed the magical amulet holds a darker secret than either of them had bargained for.


⇒    My Thoughts    ⇐

My favorite part of this book was the two main characters and their relationship with each other. It wasn’t insta-love or even insta-attraction. (Okay, there may have been some insta-attraction). But the point is, this book wasn’t all about the physical. I highly enjoyed watching them get to know each other and work together toward their common goal.

The magic element was really interesting. It was set in our world and what we know, expect there are a few people that can actually use real magic. These people were called sorcerers or sorceresses. Our main protagonists were a basic stage magician that used an artifact he got from his grandfather to enhance his illusions. What he doesn’t know (and what is later revealed) is that he actually has real magic in his blood. The other main protagonist was basically kidnapped as a child and raised by this powerful sorcerer to help him “recover” artifacts/objects for people who pay. While he doesn’t have the ability to use magic himself, he has a very keen sense of seeing magic.

One of my favorite characters was one we don’t meet until the last half of the story. He is a sorcerer that happens to be friends with the non-magic wielding protagonist and agrees to help them steal back the artifact. He is so snarky and full of life that I would love to have him as a friend in real life.

This story is really character driven, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in action. There are several magic battles in this book and it was heart-stopping. If I had to describe it in one sentence it would be: A mob boss steals an artifact and two misfits gain the help of a snarky sorcerer to infiltrate a poker game and steal it back. Of course, there is more to the story than any of them realize until it’s too late.

In Conclusion…



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The Doll House – Book Review

I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



2.5 stars

⇒   Synopsis   ⇐

Corinne’s life might look perfect on the outside, but after three failed IVF attempts it’s her last chance to have a baby. And when she finds a tiny part of a doll house outside her flat, it feels as if it’s a sign.

But as more pieces begin to turn up, Corinne realises that they are far too familiar. Someone knows about the miniature rocking horse and the little doll with its red velvet dress. Someone has been inside her house…

How does the stranger know so much about her life? How long have they been watching? And what are they waiting for…?


⇒   My Thoughts   ⇐

I enjoyed this book for what it was, a mystery suspense with a lot of family drama. However, it wasn’t what I normally read so it was really difficult for me to get into it.

Ashley and Corinne are sisters. Corinne has a good relationship with her husband but is struggling to have children. Ashley has three children but is struggling with her relationship with her husband. I really liked the dynamics between these two sisters. In fact, it was the part of the story I enjoyed the most. It is the sort of relationship I would love to have with my siblings when we are older.

The psychological/mystery aspect of the story was a little boring for me. I know, I know. From the reviews I’ve read, this was the part that most people loved about the story. But I think it probably has a lot to do with my love of fast-paced plots. I want to be thrown this way and that, have my emotions torn apart and stomped on. This pacing was just too slow for me. But, it worked for this particular book so I’m not too mad about it. I just wish it picked up a little earlier and drew me in faster.

The twist at the end was the most exciting part of the entire books, which I think was the whole point. I can’t say much without ruining it, but I will say that I never saw it coming. Overall, I wish I could have been more invested in the story but I would definitely give this author a second chance.


In Conclusion… 


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Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods – Book Review


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5 stars



→   Synopsis  ←

“A publisher in New York asked me to write down what I know about the Greek gods, and I was like, Can we do this anonymously? Because I don’t need the Olympians mad at me again. But if it helps you to know your Greek gods, and survive an encounter with them if they ever show up in your face, then I guess writing all this down will be my good deed for the week.” So begins Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, in which the son of Poseidon adds his own magic–and sarcastic asides–to the classics. He explains how the world was created, then gives readers his personal take on a who’s who of ancients, from Apollo to Zeus. Percy does not hold back. “If you like horror shows, blood baths, lying, stealing, backstabbing, and cannibalism, then read on, because it definitely was a Golden Age for all that.” Dramatic full-color illustrations throughout by Caldecott Honoree John Rocco make this volume–a must for home, library, and classroom shelves–as stunning as it is entertaining.


→    My Thoughts   ←

If Percy Jackson wrote a book all about the Olympian Gods, this would be it. Well, that’s basically what this book is so I guess that is a “duh” moment, huh? I can’t begin to tell you how many times I was laughing out loud listening to this book. By the way, that’s totally how I recommend reading this book, via audiobook. Since I listened to the Percy Jackson series on audiobook, I was used to how Percy sounded. This book was voiced by the same narrator, so it felt just like I was listening to Percy read this book to me. Also, I extremely enjoyed how all the gods’ “origin stories” and “life stories” were modernized. Like, I highly doubt they were all posting on Twitter but it got the point across. This book was hysterical and I just wish it could have been longer. I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail so I can see how it was all written.

I was only halfway through this book when I decided I just had to add this to my collection. Not only that, but I also ordered the entire Heroes of Olympus box set. I have officially declared May, Percy Jackson/Rick Riordan reading month. (I know we’re already over halfway through the month, it’s fine.) I am going to attempt to read as many of his books as I can during the rest of this month. So far I have read all the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, The Lost Hero, The Hidden Oracle, and now Greek Gods. I can’t wait to dive back in.

I would love to know what your favorite Rick Riordan book is, or if you plan to read any of them this month. Maybe we could read them together.


In Conclusion… 



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Ender’s Game – Book Review


Genre: Sci-fi

Goodreads ⊥ Amazon

5 stars

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Ender’s Game is a 1985 military science fiction novel by American author Orson Scott Card. Set in Earth’s future, the novel presents an imperiled mankind after two conflicts with the “buggers”, an insectoid alien species. In preparation for an anticipated third invasion, children, including the novel’s protagonist, Ender Wiggin, are trained from a very young age through increasingly difficult games including some in zero gravity, where Ender’s tactical genius is revealed.


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I’ve been sitting here thinking about what I should do for my next blog post and I realized something very important, I have never written a review for my favorite book of all time. So it’s about time I rectified that.

Disclaimer #1: I know the author is not well conceived but this book was my favorite book of all time before all that happened and will continue to be. That does not mean I agree with the author’s actions.

Disclaimer #2: As I have said before, this is my favorite book of all time so there will be gushing. You have been warned.

Disclaimer #3: There will be NO SPOILERS but it may not all be completely coherent. I have a lot of feelings about this book and they may all try to come out at once.


Ender’s Game is about a boy named Andrew “Ender” Wiggin. It is set in a futuristic world where children are vetted at a very young age to see if they are smart enough to be sent to military school. Ender is the third child in his family which is extremely unheard of, so much so that he is constantly antagonized for it. He brother and sister were both turned down by the military for very specific reasons and the hope was that Ender would be a combination of the two. It turns out that he is exactly what they are looking for and he is recruited to join the military. This is where the story begins.

I absolutely love the character dynamic in this book. If I had to choose one fault it would be that the characters act much older than they really are. They are supposed to be really smart though so it’s not too bad. Valentine is my favorite character. She is Ender’s sister and honestly, I would love to have her as a sister. She protects Ender from their brother, Peter, but also has a darker side to her.

The battle school is exactly what you would expect. The goal of the military is to raise children to fight in a war. So, they pit them against each other. It takes a while to realize that the guys in charge aren’t actually evil but that doesn’t mean you won’t still hate them.

The “battles” between the kids are really cool. It isn’t all guns blazing, there is a lot of strategy involved which was one of my favorite parts.

Before I continue I want to rant about how bad the movie was. If you actually read the book you’d know they left out all the important parts. Everything that gave real meaning to the story was gone. I wanted to throw something at the movie screen when it was over. If you haven’t read the book yet, please please PLEASE read the book before you watch the movie. That’s all I’m asking. 

Ender’s journey through battle school was so tough, he had other kids trying to kill him, the commanders were trying to get the other kids to hate him, they gave him a platoon with all the tiniest/youngest kids available, and yet he still kicked butt.

The ending is what really got me. I wanted to scream, cry, and punch someone all at once. There were a lot of emotions. Really, I just wanted Ender to be able to express his own emotions but he couldn’t show them because he had to be strong for his platoon.

There aren’t enough words to explain how much I love this book. It holds so much meaning in my life and I wouldn’t be the reader I am today without it. I reread it at least once per year. I own a hardcover, paperback, extended edition, special signed edition, ebook, audiobook, and full cast audio production. (I might be a little bit obsessed). I could rave about Ender’s Game until the end of time but I’ll stop it here. Honestly, my review doesn’t do it justice but please take my word for it, you should at least give it a try.

In conclusion…




Question: Does anyone feel this way about a book? I would love to know what it is down in the comments below. Until next time!


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Donna Manuel

Congratulations Donna, I’ll DM you to get your information and find out which gift card you would like. Don’t forget my giveaway is still going on. The final winner will be announced on Thursday so be sure to check back in.

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Chasing the Omega – Book Babble


Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Series: Small Town Book #1

Goodreads ⊥ Amazon

3.5 stars

Thank you, Jessica Edwards, for giving me this in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.


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One night, everything changes for eighteen year old Alice.
When the full moon invades Small Town, where a young innocent Alice Smith is ending her shift at the diner, she comes face to face with a big terrifying wolf.
When the wolf attacks Alice and runs away, leaving only a single bite, she has no idea what troubles lie ahead of her.
Could it have been that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time or the opposite?
When the school’s most frightening gang becomes interested in her, they will do anything to find out the truth behind Alice, especially their leader, Ryder King.
Alice wants nothing to do with Ryder but when the time comes, Ryder could be the only one who can help her survive….


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Warning: Spoilers Beyond this Point

I have always been a big fan of paranormal romance, especially if it has werewolves. This book was no exception. I loved Ryder and Alice’s relationship. I felt it was done really well. It didn’t feel too rushed and I really liked them together.

I also really liked Alice as a main character. She didn’t let anyone give her hell and she didn’t just give in when Ryder tried to intimidate her or sexually provoke her. I was afraid that there was going to be suggestions of Ryder doing stuff against her will. Not necessarily rape but I have never really like when the male love interest doesn’t listen to the female character and still kisses her or touches even when she clearly says no. (Even if “her mouth says no but her body/eyes says yes” I can’t stand that.) But Jessica Edwards does this romance really well.

I also really love Sam. She is such a kick-ass best friend that is there for Alice even when she finds out that Alice is a werewolf. She even stands up to Ryder and his group who are supposedly really scary and intimidating. When she sees Bane naked and decides she loves him is really funny. When Bane hurts her feelings and Alice finds her crying in the bathroom really shows that there are more layers to Sam and makes her feel more real.

I really hated Silver. I hope she gets whats coming to her in future books. I also was not a fan of Max. I felt it was blatantly obvious that there was something suspicious going on with him. This isn’t resolved in this book though so I seriously hope we get some questions answered in the next book. I also hope he doesn’t turn out to be evil but things like that never turn out in my favor.

The thing I had the most problems with were some continuity issues. I felt that Alice came to terms with her new “condition” too quickly. Also, I don’t care how good friends we are. If you tell me you were bitten by a werewolf and I am going to turn into one, I’m not going to immediately believe you and be okay with it. Even if I did choose to believe you, I would still freak out a little.

There were also some instances that stood out to me but of course for the life of me, I can’t remember the specifics. Sometimes one of the characters would know something that they have no way of knowing. For example, Ryder is mad at Alice for fighting the first turn and he tells Sam that she could die the next time because of it. Sam responds like she knew that was a possibility when there was no evidence of it ever being mentioned to her. This happens a few times throughout the book which confused me a little but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment.

Overall it was a lot of fun and I look forward to the next installment in this series.

In Conclusion…


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Warbreaker – Book Babble


Genre: Adult Fantasy

Series: Warbreaker Book #1

Amazon ⊥ Goodreads

4.5 stars


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This is the story of two sisters, who happen to be princesses. Theirs is a world in which those who die in glory return as gods to live confined to a pantheon in Hallandren’s capital city. A world transformed by a power based on an essence known as breath. Using magic is arduous as breath can only be collected one unit at a time.


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I loved Warbreaker. It was such a fun, action-packed, book with amazing characters a beautiful romance, deceit, heartbreak, and war.

First, let’s talk characters. There are four main characters.

Siri and Vivenna. Two sisters and princesses who were raised in Kingdom that believes that the Returned are evil and want to rage war with them.

Lightsong. A Returned that doesn’t know why he is considered a God. He wants to figure out who he was in the past and basically what the meaning of his life is.

Vasher. A mysterious man that nobody really knows anything about. We don’t see a lot of him until the second half of the book. He has a magical sword that can talk.

Then we have a few really awesome side characters.

Susebron. The God King.

Denth and Tonk Fah and Parlin. Mercenaries and acquaintances of  Vivenna.

Blushweaver. Another Returned that is trying to get close to Lightsong.

Bluefingers, Treledees, and other priests and servants.

Okay, so there are a ton of characters but let’s get on with the review.

Warning: Spoilers Beyond this Point

Like I said before, I loved Warbreaker. I loved almost all of the characters. My favorite characters were Siri and Susebron. I loved their relationship so much. It was one of my favorite romances in a fantasy I have read in a long time. I laughed so freaking hard when Susebron told Siri that he thought they had been trying to make a child the entire time. He thought that just being in the same room together would make a child! Oh my gosh! I thought I was going to pass out I was laughing so hard.

I also loved Nightblood. I know I didn’t mention this one in the characters above but I think Nightblood is a character you should find out on your own. Nightblood is a sword. Vasher’s sword. He has a will of his own and he takes Vasher’s breaths every time he is drawn. He is just so sassy and prideful. It was so funny, every time he killed someone he would seek the approval of Vasher.

Lastly, I loved Lightsong. I wanted Lightsong to live so bad. I was so sad when he sacrificed himself to save the God King. We find out the Llarimar is actually Lightsong’s brother! Lightsong became a Returned because he died saving the life of his niece, Llarimar’s daughter! This was just such a sad story. It was hilarious however when Llarimar got fed up with Lightsong’s adventures in trying to figure out who he was in his past life. Llarimar’s like “dang it Lightsong you were a scribe!” Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. But then he was like “You are a god, if only to me.” Then Lightsong gives up his life again to save Susebron. I just want a book based on Lightsong.

Vasher was really interesting to learn about. His story threw me the most. In the end, we find out that he is actually a Returned but he discovered how to give up breaths without killing himself. Why couldn’t he have told Lightsong before he died!?!?!?! Anway, when we find out that he was one of the first Returned I freaked. This is insane and I didn’t expect it at all.

Bluefinger’s deception broke my heart. I knew he was too good to be true from the beginning and I suspected something like this might happen, but even so, it was still so upsetting when it happened.

Brandon Sanderson’s books always tear my heart into tiny little pieces. Every single book has my favorite characters become evil or die. But they are so good!

I could go on and on about this book forever so I am going to end it here. (I feel like I say that about every book but it’s true.) I would love to know what you thought of this if you’ve read it. Have you read any Brandon Sanderson books? Which was your favorite? I love to discuss with you guys!


In conclusion…


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Crazy House – Book Review


Genre: Dystopian, Mystery, Thriller, YA, Science Fiction

Series: Standalone

Goodreads ⊥ Amazon ⊥ Book Depository

3.5 stars


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No one gets out alive.

Seventeen-year-old Becca Greenfield was snatched from her home and thrown without reazon into a hellish prison known as the Crazy House. To avoid execution, she’s told to shut her mouth and keep her head down.

Becca was never really good at either.

Her only hope for survival is for her sister, Cassie, to find her—that the “good twin” will stop following the rules and start breaking them, before it’s too late. Because the jailers at Crazy House soon discover they made a mistake that could get bothsisters killed…


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I started reading the physical copy of this book but ended up going with the audiobook and I am so glad I did. The narrator of this audiobook was so good. I am usually not the biggest fan of a book having only one narrator, but it worked really well with this one.

The characters were the best part of this book. Becca and Cassie were complete opposites at the beginning of the book but they both grew and changed so much as they were forced to adapt to their new horrible situations. I enjoyed their relationship so much that I just had to find out what happened to them and how they coped together.

I also enjoyed the futuristic, sci-fi setting. However, it almost felt like there wasn’t enough background. It could easily have been the second book in a series. There was so much that needed to be explained and so much more that wasn’t explained. I loved the concept however and it just added more to my enjoyment.

Lastly, the thing that really brought my rating down was the ending. The book kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I couldn’t wait to see how it would end, then it just… ended. It wasn’t really an ending at all. It was like it stopped right before the ending. If I was told this was the first in a series I would easily give this book five stars but as of now, it’s a standalone which means that my rating is only 3.5.


In Conclusion… 


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Scythe – Book Review and Spoilery Rant


Genre: YA, Futuristic, Science Fiction

Series: Arc of the Scythe Book 1

Goodreads ⊥ Amazon


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Thou shalt kill.

A world with no hunger, no disease, no war, no misery. Humanity has conquered all those things, and has even conquered death. Now scythes are the only ones who can end life—and they are commanded to do so, in order to keep the size of the population under control.

Citra and Rowan are chosen to apprentice to a scythe—a role that neither wants. These teens must master the “art” of taking life, knowing that the consequence of failure could mean losing their own.


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Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh!! This book was fantastic. It was amazing. It was fantastically amazing! I can’t rave enough about his book. A world that has conquered death has to employ people whose job it is to kill people. This premise is so unique, but the execution (pun intended) was brilliant, more than I could even imagine.

*** Warning *** Spoilers Beyond This Point

Okay, first of all, the fact that the world is run by The Thunderhead, which I imagine being like a supercomputer is crazy. This is the first time I can remember reading about a supercomputer that wants to actually help the world. Although, I don’t know if I would consider murder helping but who am I to judge? Also, the fact that the Scythes are above the law is terrifying. They literally cannot be killed unless they decide to kill themselves. Sure they have commandments they have to follow, but if death is off the table, can you really prevent them from doing whatever they want?

Do you remember that joke the Thunderhead said about the beachball? That was hilarious. Also, if the Thunderhead is above the law, then why does he have to follow the rule not to interfere with the Scythes? I think the next book is going to explain this more. I hope so anyway.

Citra and Rowan are amazing characters. Their development was so full scale and different. They went through things that no human being should ever have to endure and yet they didn’t let it define who they became. That doesn’t mean it didn’t affect them. Who wouldn’t be affected in their situation?

I honestly thought Rowan was going to end up like Goddard. It was terrifying. You could see him falling deeper and deeper in the rabbit hole but it was the thought of Citra and Volta that helped him keep his morals. Can we talk about that scene at the end with the Tonists? I actually thought Rowan was going to kill that man but when he plunged his knife into Goddard, I cheered. (All of my coworkers can vouch for me). Oh yeah, and when Volta killed himself. I cried so hard. If he had just waited a little bit longer, he could have been there to see Goddard and his entourage dead. I want to believe that Volta’s death wasn’t for nothing though and that it is what pushed Rowan over the edge.

When they showed Citra who she would have to glean for her test I knew immediately that it was going to be Ren. I cried again. (Seriously my coworkers were starting to worry about me). When Rowan asked how Ren was and Citra said he had ice cream already ordered for him and Rowan said “lucky him.” I thought this is it, Rowan is going to die. But the knowledge of there being a second book gave me home.

Oh my gosh! Faraday! When we found out he was actually alive! This was the best thing ever. And that he and Curie were LOVERS. Can you believe that? And they had to suffer seven deaths for the seven years they were together. Maybe they will be able to be together again in the second book. I hope so.

That ending! Citra was a freaking genius. When she punched him in the face and gave him immunity I was just like “why didn’t I think of that?” Rowan’s shock was hilarious but he fought his way out of that place and got into the car to find Faraday waiting for him. I bet Goddard regrets training him so well.

I can’t wait for the next book. I listened to the audiobook for the first one and I plan to do the same for the second. I hope it’s narrated by the same person. He was really good. That last journal entry from Citra left me wanting more. I love that Rowan has become the Scythe Lucifer. He is basically a Scythe that kills Scythes. Wait, not “basically” that’s exactly what he is. He kills Scythes that have gone too far. I can’t wait to see what happens between him and Citra. I am also looking forward to learning more about the Thunderhead. At first I thought this was a group of people but it’s actually only one computer person.

I could go on forever and continue to find things to talk about. What was your favorite part? I would love to know what you thought and your thoughts on the next book.


In Conclusion…

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