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Life Update

Okay, I will be the first to admit that my blog has taken a back seat for the past few months. But don’t shoot me! I have an excuse I swear!

Excuse #1

School. I started going back to school online to get a graduate degree in Marketing and Communications. Being completely honest, I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult. For each class, there was one assignment and three discussion posts per week. Considering I only had two classes at a time, I figured it wouldn’t take up too much time, right? WRONG! Online school is freaking insane, especially if you have a professor that can’t make up his mind on what is right or wrong. Long story short, it took up basically any free time I had left.

Excuse #2 & #3

Moving. I have moved two times since Thanksgiving. I know, crazy right? This directly ties in with excuse #3 which is… family. Over the holidays, there was an incident in my family which almost led to the death of my mother. It was horrifying, terrifying, and any other word you can think of or imagine. Because of this, I needed to be closer to home. Following this incident, there were a lot of court dates and lawyer visits. Therefore, even less time for posting.

Excuse #4

Work. I got a new job. Not just that, I went from a part-time job with relatively few hours to a full-time job that requires a lot of overtime. Also, I recently was promoted to Office Manager so I have to put in a lot of time making sure everything gets done. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice to have some free time every now and again. Sometimes I wish I could go back to being in college, living in the dorm, and working only 1 day a week.


Going forward I plan to commit more time to my blog. This is something I love and want to make more of a priority going forward. So look forward to more exciting content because I have a lot of new ideas for posts coming your way!


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Buddy Reading/Reading with Others — Discuss with Me

My Own Personal Readathon Day 1 Update:

  • Finished last half of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff {212 Pages}
  • Started We Were Liars by E. Lockhart {22 Pages}
  • Listened to some of Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo {? Pages — Will check at the end}



reading buddies.jpg

Question: Do you participate in Buddy Reads? How often? How do you prefer to do it?

I personally have never participated in buddy reads but am definitely interested. As I have no friends/family that read as much as I do, I don’t have anyone physically in my life that would voluntarily read a book with me just so we could discuss it.

I think buddy reading could be enjoyable if done the right way. That said, I have no idea what the “right way” would consist of. Would you set a reading schedule so you stay on track with each other? Would you say set a date to have the book finished so you can talk about it as a whole?

I think I personally would prefer to have a schedule where you read a few chapters then talk about those chapters so you can theorize about what’s going to happen next (I do that when I read by myself anyway).


Question: Do you participate in book club(s)? Virtual or in person? Do you often read the book?

I am pretty sure book clubs work the same way, at least the one’s you go to in person. You have a set date every month on which book club happens, then you come prepared with your book read so you can discuss it with the group. Right? I’m assuming virtual book clubs could happen differently. I know, at least on Goodreads, that there are usually discussion threads so you can talk about the book as you go if you would like.

I have always wanted to start a book club. There have been a few that I thought about joining but they didn’t really read books that I like. I am in reading groups on Goodreads but it’s honestly not the same for me. What do you think?

Question: Does anyone want to try a buddy read? I’m totally up for it. Also if anyone is starting a book club let me know!


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Ebooks vs Audiobooks vs Physical Books – a discussion

Question: Do you prefer ebooks, audiobooks, or physical books?


Personally I prefer ebooks only when it is inconvenient to carry a physical book with me. This may be when I am traveling or if I am trying to read while being discreet. I also tend to get most of my review books through ebook.


Not an actual book
Can’t put on a bookshelf
Small screen
Can’t share


I prefer audiobooks to listen to when I am driving, working out, or when it is practically impossible to hold a book/ereader. I get through a lot of audiobooks when I am driving long distance.

Hands free

Some audiobook narrators suck (let’s be honest)
Can’t share
Can’t show off/put on bookshelf
Not an actual book

Physical Books…

This is my preferred method of reading overall. I absolutely love holding books in my hands, being able to smell them, show them off, put them on my bookshelf. And if you feel comfortable, share them with friends/family. I love a good old floppy paperback and the beauty of a hardcover.

Easy to display
Easy to share
Can smell
The act of turning pages
Can see your progress visually

Not easily portable


If you can think of any more pros/cons for any of these I would love to know. It was a lot of fun thinking of why I like each reading method in different ways. I would love to hear your preferred reading method as well!

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Discussion: Rereading to Continue Series

Question: How many times do you try to read a book before you give up? 

I ask this because I when I was younger I read the first three books in the Mortal Instrument series and loved them. This was about the time when the third book had just come out. At the time I thought that was going to be the last book in the series so I didn’t know when any of the others were released. I actually didn’t know there more books and more series until there was this huge deal on the release of City of Heavenly Fire.

By the time I realized there were so many more books, I had already forgotten most of what happened in the first three books so I wanted to reread them before I continued on with the series. However, when I was reading the first one I just couldn’t get back into it. I don’t know if it was because I just wasn’t in the mood at the time or if I had grown out of the series or what.

So, as for my question. Should I give it another try? Since the release of Cassandra Clare’s newest series and how much everyone is enjoying them, and the rest of the series for that matter, I really want to see what everyone is talking about.

So, I guess what I’m asking is…

Does the series get better? Stay about the same? Get worse?

Is it worth it to stick through the first three books to get to the rest of the series?