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Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

I wasn’t necessarily tagged by anyone to do this tag but I have seen it everywhere and it looked like a lot of fun so I decided to do it anyway! I am going to attempt to not replicate books in my answers but I doubt I won’t use a couple of books more than once. I would love to hear other’s answers too. If you’ve done it let me know so I can check it out!

1. The Best Book of the Year So Far…

november 9

This was a really hard decision to make. I have read so many great books so far this year. This was my first Colleen Hoover book and I absolutely loved it. It instantly made me want to read every book by this author. I still think about this book to this day. My Review


2. The Best Sequel of the Year So Far …

ascension                  acowar

I know I chose two for this question but like I said in the previous answer, I have read so many great books this year. I loved both of these sequels so much I couldn’t choose just one. Well of Ascension Review If you haven’t read The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson you are really missing out. If is great so full of action, adventure, and magic. Also, ACOWAR was just a great conclusion to the ACOTAR Trilogy. I can’t wait for the continuation.


3. A New Release You Haven’t Read Yet But Want To …

water        unrequited        history

Did I mention that I may never be able to choose just one answer for these question. There are so many books that I want to read and so many more new releases come out all the time. It is just impossible to choose only one book. Into the Water and The Upside of Unrequited are both by authors of books I have previously read and loved. History is all you Left Me will be my first read by Adam Silvera and I can’t wait to give it a try.

4. Most Anticipated Release for Autumn/Winter …


It could be that I am currently in the middle of reading Nevernight by Jay Kristoff but I am really looking forward to what this book will bring. There are a lot of great books being released this year and I am looking forward to reading a lot of them but right now this book is at the forefront of my mind.


5. Your Biggest Disappointment of the Year So Far …


This was my first Stephen King book and based on its rating, I really expected to enjoy this book so much more than I did. To be honest, I almost DNF’d it. I struggled so hard while reading this book and was bored most of the way through. My Review.


6. Your Biggest Surprise of the Year So Far …


I listened to this book on audiobook and I actually think sometime soon I want to reread it as a physical book. I never expected this book to impact me so much in the way that it did. It was so beautiful and full of meaning. I think everyone should read this and if you do, it will leave its mark on your heart. My Review


7. Your New Favorite Author …

eliza      november 9      bones

These were all first books I read by these authors this year. These books made me want to instantly read all of the other books these authors have written. These aren’t necessarily new authors, but they are new to me authors. I recommend them all…. obviously. Eliza Review, City of Bones Review, November 9 Review


8. Your Newest Favourite Character …


This is actually a book I am currently listening to on audiobook. There is a character in here called “Cap.” He is an 80 year old man that works in their apartment building and he is awesome. He is full of sass, kindness, knowledge, and just overall a hilarious character. I know he’s not the main character but he just stands out to me and I would love it if there was a book about him.


9. Your Newest Fictional Crush …


Absolutely have to choose Wallace from Eliza and Her Monsters. He is basically my ideal boyfriend. He is so kind and sweet. He has been through so much but he still strives to make his passion into a reality. Also, he is a nerd… what more could a girl ask for.


10. A Book That Has Made You Cry …


I don’t usually cry in books, rather, it takes a lot to make me cry while reading. However, I absolutely cried at the end of this book. This isn’t a particularly sad book but the death(s) at the end of this book just broke me. All I wanted was for it to be different, but at the same time it was perfect. I grew so attached to these characters during the journey that was this trilogy and it was so hard to lose them. Actually, all the deaths throughout managed to tear my heart.


11. A Book That Has Made You Happy …

eliza     november 9    simon

All these books made me so happy. There were so many times I just couldn’t stop smiling. Even now, writing this response, I am smiling just thinking about why I chose these books as my response.


12. The Most Beautiful Book of the Year So Far …


I wanted to choose a book I hadn’t used yet. This book was very creative and made me think. It was a constant game of what is real and what isn’t. Also, this cover is just so mesmerizing. This was a beautiful book of mystery, intrigue, and sisterly love.


13. Some Books You Need to Read Before 2017 Ends …

These aren’t necessarily books that were/are being released this year. These are mostly books that I have had on my bookshelf for a while or one’s that I really want to get to this year. I am really looking forward to reading all of these but there are also so many more on my shelves that I want to read so badly.


14. Tag Two Members of the Bookish Community …

I would rather just say that whoever wants to do this tag should do it. It really is a lot of fun to reflect on books you have read this year and contemplate books you want to read the most.



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