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City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2) – Book Review

Title: City of Ashes
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments #2
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Goodreads ♦ Amazon
3.5 stars

If you haven’t read the first book then I highly recommend stopping here and reading my review for City of Bones.

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

This is my least favorite of the series so far. That basically means I like the first one better than this one. I still really enjoyed this one though.

I think there are two things I didn’t really like about this. The first is that the plot twist from the first book continues through this one. This means that throughout this entire book Jace and Clary still believe they are siblings. All this accomplished was that there was so much angst in this book that it drove me insane. I think its pretty obvious that they are not siblings. I mean, the author tried too hard to make us believe they were really related. Every other character suddenly realized how much Jace looked/acted like Valentine. Seriously, just because you suddenly find out two people are related, doesn’t suddenly change what they look and act like…. seriously.

The second thing is the Inquisitor. Almost the entire book consisted of Jace telling the Inquisitor “this happened,” then the Inquisitor saying “I don’t believe you.” This happened over and over again. All because the Inquisitor was jealous or something. She just wanted revenge. This makes me really dislike the clave (but we’ll get more on that in my next review). She even went so far as to throw Jace in jail where they keep the worst criminals just because she didn’t believe him. It makes you wonder.

Other than these two aspects, I absolutely love this series. With each book it makes me more and more excited to keep reading. I highly, highly recommend it.


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