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Dark Side of the Moon – Review

Title: Dark Side of the Moon
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Series: Dark Hunter Series #9, Were-Hunter Series #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
4.5 stars

I am so glad I ended up picking this up at the library. It has been so long since I’ve read a Sherrilyn Kenyon novel. I forgot how much I love her books. Keep in mind that this is in the middle of the series but for the most part you can read her books as standalones (at least in my opinion). The only thing that might be a little confusing are some of the characters.

Dark Side of the Moon is a very character driven novel. These characters had me laughing, crying, screaming, and so many other emotions I can’t name them all. Some of my favorite characters are…

Ravyn (obviously): He is a badass male were shifting, dark hunter warrior. When he was drugged it was the funniest thing ever. I was laughing so hard imagining him acting like a five year old. I especially loved how loyal he was to his family even when they were complete jerks.

Ravyn: “You don’t knock on the devil’s door, boy, unless you want him to answer.”

Susan: This is one of the first female love interests I have read that wasn’t treated like a complete damsel in distress. Actually she kicked a few of the enemies’ butts all on her own and even saved Ravyn’s life more than once. She was also sarcastic as crap and told off Ravyn’s family for being the douches they are.

Susan: “You know when people say fine, it generally means ‘leave me the hell alone because I don’t want to talk about what’s really bothering me.’”

(Ps. the romance between Ravyn and Susan was so cute and I was pleasantly surprised that half the book didn’t revolve around sex)

Otto and Kyl and Leo: The banter between these squires just made some of the scenes in this book so entertaining. You know how some books the characters will get together to discuss what they plan to do and it ends up being this super boring scene with all the characters sitting in a circle talking. Well, these three characters made me laugh so hard.

Sue: “Uh-huh, You know with that sinister tone you should look into working for the IRS. I’m sure they’re desperate for people who can cow others with a single growl.”
Leo: “Sue, don’t taunt the cobra. He tends to bite.

Sue: “What? Had a dry spell of killing people lately?”
Otto: As a matter of fact, yes. If it doesn’t end soon, I might get out of practice.” ….
Sue: Looks like I’m going to ruin your day, Big Boy. I choose to live my crappy life a little longer.”
Otto: “Damn.”

Savitar: Last but definitely not least is the sassy (maybe god/demigod?) He was so awesome coming into save the day all badass and basically just being awesome.

Savitar: “It actually dawned on my that I don’t fight. I just kill whatever’s annoying me, and it’s over.”

There is so much more I could say about this book but I don’t want to spoil anything. This book was so much fun to go into blind. I loved figuring out the mystery of who was behind the attacks with the main characters.

Highly recommend this book or really any book by Sherrilyn Kenyon in general. Have you read any of the Dark Hunter books? How about any of her YA spin off series? What did you think?


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