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Percy Jackson

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I just started a new job and the hours have been really strange. Once my schedule is more regular then I will be posting a lot more (hopefully).

So, I just finished the Percy Jackson series this past week and I was really impressed with how everything turned out. When I started The Lightning Thief over a year ago, I honestly didn’t think I would enjoy it very much. But as the series progressed it just got better and better and to this day I am forever grateful that I continued on.

The Last Olympian was my favorite of the series but, to be honest, any of the last three books could arguably be in that spot. I was going to write a review for it, but I decided that anything I said could/would potentially spoil the rest of the series. So, I decided to just write a very vague review of the series as a whole.

Rick Riordan is an amazing storyteller. I would absolutely love to meet him. (I actually listened to the last three books via audiobook and I have to say that I am really glad I did. The narrator for the story really made me feel like there was a different person voicing each character. He did an amazing job, but that’s beside the point.) I can really understand why people of my generation, for the most part, read these books when they were the same age as Percy. I could really tell how the characters grew and developed over the course of the story and it would have been really cool to be growing right along side them.

I loved how everything tied together in the end. I especially love what happened with the gods but I’m not going to say anything for fear of spoilers. Just know that it was pretty awesome.

I was/am really sad to see the series go but I just started listening to The Lost Hero and have a feeling I am going to enjoy it just as much.

The Lightning Thief – 3/5 stars
The Sea of Monsters – 4/5 stars
The Titan’s Curse – 5/5 stars
The Battle of the Labyrinth – 5/5 stars
The Last Olympian – 5/5 stars


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