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Silver Edge Review


Title: Silver Edge
Author: Ciara Knight
Genre: New Adult
GR Rating: 4/5 Stars
My Rating: 8/10 Stars
Release Date: February 20, 2017

As a reader I am very stingy with my five star reviews. I only save them for the books I consider to be the best of the best; it has to connect with me on an emotional level. Silver Edge was almost there. I deliberated for hours trying to decide if I wanted to give this five stars. Alas, my stingy ways took over and unfortunately I was only able to give it four. But don’t be fooled by that one missing star. This book was absolutely amazing, one of the best New Adult novels I have ever read. I think my biggest issue was the rushed ending, but I will get to that later.

  • Characters: I love these characters. It has been a while since I was really able to connect with characters on an emotional level. I loved the portrayal of Asperger’s syndrome presented in Scarlet. As a psychology major I thought it was a mostly accurate representation. It may have not been perfect, but it was the best I have ever read in a fictional novel. Drake was also an amazing character. I loved his loyalty to his family. Overall, the characters were well written with fairly good character archs. I just with the book had been slightly longer. I hope the continuations of this series let us learn more about Ton because he was the only character without a past.
  • Relationship: The relationships all seemed real and believable. The romance between Drake and Scarlet was beautiful. While it did seem “love and first sight”-ish, it wasn’t over played and the author let it build throughout the book. THERE WAS NO LOVE TRIANGLE! (Just needed to throw that in there). Also, the brotherly/sisterly relationship between Ton and Scarlet was nice too. It was great to see how much he cared about her and seeing him change as he watched her grow to no longer need his support as much.
  • Ending: Like I said before, this was my biggest issue with the book. Everything was going fine and dandy until the big climax at the end. Instead of letting it be resolved naturally, it felt rushed. I would have like to see this play out a little more instead of the last four or five pages saying: this happened, then this happened, then here you are. This was the main reason I was reluctant to give it five stars. I just wanted so much more from how the rest of the book was written.
  • Overall: Overall, I loved the characters and was able to connect with them on an emotional level. I wanted to watch them grow and succeed together. I loved the relationships (romance and other) I hope to see more of them in the future books. I just wish I could have gotten more out of the ending. The ending is what brought it down for me. While it was good, it was just too rushed.

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