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When Vampires Attack – Salem’s Lot Review

Title: Salem’s Lot
Author: Stephen King
Genre: Horror
Series or Standalone
My Rating: 3/5 stars
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Salem’s Lot is a book about vampires, not the vampires that fall in love and sparkle in the son, but the actual creatures of the night that Stoker meant for them to be. This book wasn’t overall bad, it was just so… extremely… slow. I sincerely wanted to put this book down so many times that I almost quite reading it completely. For the first 2/3’s of the book literally nothing happened. I’m still pretty sure that the vampire part was just an afterthought King threw in towards the end. However, once the vampires did make an appearance it got pretty interesting. That is basically what saved this book for me. It was going to get two stars but I added one just for the ending. This was my first King book so I really hope that other one’s I read in the future will be more my style.

  • Characters: The characters were actually interesting. I did really enjoy reading about most of them. However, it got to a point that there were so many characters and so many different POVs that I kept getting confused about who was who. At one point I was reading about a Mark, a Mike, and a Matt. Writing this review I’m still not completely positive which is Mike and which is Matt. I really enjoyed reading about Ben and Mark. They were my favorite characters. I loved how Mark was a young boy but was so brave and smart. He was basically the only character that could stand up to the vampires at first. I think I loved reading about Ben for the lone reason that he was an author. I wish I could sit down and write nine hours a day.
  • Vampires/Enemies: The two main “bad guys” were actually really creepy. This is the first book I’ve read where the evil characters actually seemed evil and truly creeped me out. (YA bad guys tend to have a good side that make the readers want to like them).
  • Plot: Like I said, the overall plot of the book was extremely slow and really boring at times. I honestly think the book could have been at least 100 pages less than what it was. The ending got pretty heated though so if you can make it that far you won’t be disappointed by it. The premise of the book was really interesting and I think describes the plot fairly well.
  • Overall: Overall this book is well deserving of my three stars. Many other readers have given this book five stars so like all books, there are many conflicting opinions. I think this book was just not for me. However, while the pacing was slow, the characters were very interesting to read about. If this is your type of genre then I would recommend giving it a read, especially if you are a Stephen King fan.

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