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The Ending

I am just over 15,000 words and my story is going well. Obviously there are a lot of edits to do and a lot a little details that I have decided to add or take away but I have made notes and lists of those to do during edits.

I decided I wanted to skip the middle and write the end. I finally finished it. The ending I wrote takes place right after the huge climax through the end. It is 18 pages long with a little section in the middle that I haven’t actually written yet.

I am really proud of my ending. Once I finish writing the rest of the book there will probably be some things I want to add but overall I am really happy with it.

So far I have the beginning and the ending written, so all that’s left is everything in between. I can’t wait for people to be able to read it. Once I finish my first draft and at least one round of edits I plan to find some beta readers. I am so excited.

My goal is 50,000 words, only 35,000 more to go.


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