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The Well of Ascension – Ramblings


This is not going be a review so much as just a bunch of rambling thoughts that are going through my head. If you have not read The Final Empire (book 1) or this book and do not want to be spoiled, then I suggest NOT reading any farther than this.


  • Brandon Sanderson has killed me with this book. After the first book you would think that things were going to get better. (Well I guess not really since there were still two more books in the series but still…) I mean not one, not two, but THREE armies trying to take over the city and kill them all. If it was me I probably would have just given up and cried myself to sleep every night waiting for it all the end. (Yeah, I’m a wimp, I admit it.)
  • Can we talk about Vin and her kickassery? I mean what happened to the scared little girl who was afraid of her own shadow. (Not that I don’t like the new Vin better.) Also, her relationship with Elend is just so natural. Sure they have problems but, for the most part, they deal with them like normal people and not anxty teenagers.
  • Sazed and OreSeur (I guess Tensoon)… need I say more? Probably not but I am going to anyway. They are freaking amazing. I loved at the end when Tensoon betrayed his master (Zane) to protect Vin. (You know, because she is so nice and FREAKING AWESOME.
  • The battle. Sazed was kicking some butt. But let’s discuss how not one, not two, but THREE of my favorite characters died. I didn’t know my heart could suffer that much and still keep beating. Just incase you decided to take your chances and read this, I won’t mention them by name. Also, it was freaking awesome how even though he wasn’t there OreSeur (or Tensoon I’m still a little confused about that) saved Vin’s life and helped her save the city even though he wasn’t event here! She just took over those monsters’ minds and controlled them all to take down the other two armies and make Elend emperor.
  • I know a lot of these points kind of go together but I don’t really care.
  • The ending (aka Kredik Shaw (aka the Well of Ascension (aka the entire point of this book))) I honestly never expected the power in the Well to be evil. I also never expected it when Sazed went back to the Conventical and found that his rubbing was different from the actual writing in the steel because THE POWER CHANGED IT. It’s crazy that in the very last chapter, the epilogue, could have such a plot twist. I can’t believe that the mist man was actually trying to help the entire time.
  • Oh yeah! Elend is a Mistborn now!?!?!?!?!? Was it because the Lord Ruler created those metals that were at the well to create Mistborns? I don’t even know anything anymore. I’m just all confused.
  • I cannot wait until I am able to start the next book and see how this trilogy ends. I also can’t wait to read more of Brandon Sanderson’s books. I have a feeling that he is quickly going to become one of my all-time favorite authors.

I know my ramblings probably don’t make sense and I could talk about more but if I don’t stop at some point then it may never end. If you made it this far I hope you enjoyed my craziness, or at least that you understood it (it’s pretty all over the place). If you have read this book please put what you thought about it in the comments because I would love to talk about it with you. If you haven’t read it yet…. WHAT ARE YOU FREAKING WAITING FOR? (But seriously… its awesome).


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